Photovoltaic Cells

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Photovoltaic Cells

Photovoltaic Cells

The use of Photovoltaic cells is expanding for the prevention of global warming and environmental protection. In order to solve various problems such as reliability and improvement of power generation efficiency, detailed analysis using advanced analytical evaluation methods is indispensable. This section introduces applications related to solar cell evaluation and analysis.​

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Evaluation for Cell Process​

Evaluation for Cell Process

In order to improve the power generation efficiency of the battery, various evaluations such as the transmittance of the glass and the reflectance of the antireflection film are necessary. This section introduces the application of cell processes.​

Evaluation for Module Process​ ​

Evaluation for Module Process

Photovoltaic modules are manufactured by arranging multiple cells and packaging them in glass for outdoor use. ​ Materials for photovoltaic modules are expected to maintain their performance for over a decade despite the harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures and ultraviolet irradiation to which they are subjected outdoors. Therefore, deterioration evaluation and durability evaluation are important.​