Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry

Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry

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Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is an analytical technique that combines gas-chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometry (MS) to identify unknown substances or contaminants.

Shimadzu is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gas chromatograph mass spectrometers. Shimadzu's GC-MS instruments boast ultra-high sensitivity and high efficiency, and are designed to maximize lab productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

We offer a comprehensive GC-MS product lineup for every application, from our triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS (GCMS-TQ8040 NX and GCMS-TQ8050 NX) to our single quadrupole GC-MS (GCMS-QP2020 NX), along with a variety of accessories and software to enhance your GC/MS analysis.



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